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NerfCenter Legal Stuff

By visiting the NerfCenter web site, you are agreeing (without exception) to the terms detailed in this document.

The layout and design of this web site is the property of TeamNC, and may not be used and/or duplicated without the express written permission of TeamNC.

Any problems or concerns about NerfCenter are to be directed to TeamNerfCenter (TeamNC).  No information, records, or pictures (including the NerfCenter logo) on this web site may be used for any purpose, without the express written consent of TeamNC.  The NerfCenter logo is a registered service mark (sm) of iProductions, Inc. that is shared explicitly with TeamNC.

The content and design of this web site are an original work.  None of the pictures, data, or coding was obtained from any outside sources, unless otherwise noted.  The links featured on the Links page represent independent web sites.   TeamNC is not responsible for the content featured on linked sites.  TeamNC reserves the right to add or remove links from the links page at its own discretion.

All pictures on the NerfCenter Web Site have been photographed, scanned, and formatted by one or more of the webmasters in TeamNC.  These pictures are imprinted with the NerfCenter logo, and are property of TeamNC.  However, the blasters, ammunition, and their names are property of their respective companies.  The pictures featured on NerfCenter may only be displayed on other web sites with the express written permission of TeamNC.   Unauthorized use of any pictures or backgrounds owned by TeamNC will result in appropriate legal action.

The "retro" renditions of the different types of ammo as displayed on the blaster reviews and the page banners are the property of TeamNC.

TeamNC and NerfCenter are not affiliated with TeamNerf, Hasbro, Larami, Kenner, or Nerf.  Proper trademark information for any blasters on this page appears at least one or more times, and TeamNC declares no ownership of any blaster trademarks featured on NerfCenter, unless otherwise noted.  The trademark "Nerf" is property of Hasbro corporation as displayed in the name "NerfCenter."   Trademark information may not always be displayed in the word "NerfCenter" or on the NerfCenter logo, but still applies without any exceptions.

By using the registered trademark "Nerf" in the name "NerfCenter", TeamNC is not claiming any ownership of the trademark, but using it to merely describe the nature of the web site.

Blaster performance is based upon readings obtained in the Cleveland, Ohio area.  TeamNC is not responsible for any affects the gravitational pull of the moon, wind, defects, or excessive alcohol use may have on blaster performance.  TeamNC does not promote excessive alcohol use.  However, TeamNC does promote excessive caffeine use, especially when you're trying to make a web site, or reviewing lots of Nerf blasters.  TeamNC is not responsible for the effects or consequences of excessive caffeine use.

TeamNC is not responsible or liable for any fault of the user(s) of this web site.

TeamNC reserves the right to change this legal information at any time.  TeamNC holds the user of this web site responsible to read this information.  TeamNC is not responsible for any negligence of the user in regards to this legal information.

No one was harmed during the making of NerfCenter.

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