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Welcome to the Previews section of NerfCenter.  What follows is a quick glimpse of the future of Nerf® blasters.  All information found on this page is mostly comprised of educated guesses by TeamNC on each blaster's expected features/functions, so please don't blame us (or Hasbro) if the actual blaster is different than described here.  If you have any questions, feel free to e-mail
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Nerf Gyro Strike (TM)

Nerf Gyro Strike Crossbow™

Est. Release: Fall 2001

The Nerf Gyro Strike looks like it has some true potential - as long as its new ammo type works well.  The blaster is motorized (two spinning wheels propel the ammo), and we suspect that the front priming handle advances the "darts." 
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Nerf Blast Fire 20 (TM)

Nerf Rapid Fire 20™

Est. Release: Fall 2001

While at first glance the Rapid Fire 20 looks like nothing more than a modified Nerf WildFire, a closer look reveals that the Rapid Fire 20 also features a single dart (for each trigger pull) firing mode similar to that of the Nerf Blast Fire.  A very promising blaster. 
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Nerf Secret Strike Pocket Blasters (TM)

Nerf Secret Strike Pocket Blaster(s)™

Est. Release: Fall 2001

The fact that the Secret Strike Pocket Blasters (each sold separately) are small enough to be connected to a keychain, along with the fact that they will be available in several different colors, leads us to believe that these blasters will be more gimmicky than functional.
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Nerf SlingFire (TM)

Nerf SlingFire™

Est. Release: Fall 2001

The Nerf SlingFire looks like it will be a very useful backup blaster, since with the pull of a single cord (like the Nerf Rip Chord), the user can fire four micro darts at his or her enemy. 
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Nerf SuperMAXX 750 (TM)

Nerf SuperMAXX 750™

Est. Release: Summer 2001

The SuperMAXX 750 has been remade to look more like its older cousin, the SuperMAXX 3000.  However, this means that the blaster will now fire micro darts (instead of SuperMAXX darts), a feature which hasn't worked out very well in the past.  The 750 does feature a new (and much needed) ammo holder, though. 
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Nerf Products To Be Re-Released in 2001:
  • Nerf Ball Blaster™
  • Nerf Blast Fire™
  • Nerf Bungee Blaster™
  • Nerf Double Crossbow™
  • Nerf Mono Blast™
  • Nerf Switchfire®
  • Nerf Hidden Shot™
  • Nerf Wrist Blitzer™
  • Nerf Backlash™
  • Nerf SuperMAXX 1500™
  • Nerf SuperMAXX 3000™ (Blue Ed.)
  • Nerf Stinger™
  • Nerf Striker Slingshot™
  • Nerf Whiptail Scorpion™


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