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Nerf® Big Bad Bow

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Weapon Summary


Golden NGolden NGolden NGolden NGolden N

Big Bad Bow







Avg. Price:



Hyper Sight™ / New

Additional Pics: -None-

Weapon Stats

Ammo Type(s):

3 Basic Arrows

Max. Distance:

57 feet

Optimum Pumps:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 3 seconds


1' 11.75" X 2' 2.75" X 4" ; 1 lb., 1 oz.
Accuracy (Average Percentage After Multiple Trials)
  Target Size:
Distance From Target: 1 X 2 ' 2 X 4 '
10 ft 100% 100%
15 ft 100% 100%
20 ft 100% 100%
25 ft 95% 100%
Total Accuracy: 99% 100%
Weapon Review:
The Nerf® Big Bad Bow is a great weapon especial for a Nerf® sniper. The Big Bad Bow is an upgrade from the Nerf®
Bow 'n' Arrow,as it has much better accuracy when compared to the original Bow 'n' Arrow. One factor that accounts for this improvement is the new trigger mechanism. This allows for the weapon to be fired with two hands steadying the bow at all times. The second factor that greatly increases the accuracy is the new arrow design. The fins are glued on so that they are almost diagonal with the body of the arrow. This causes the arrow to spin when flying though the air, which greatly increases the accuracy.

The only real downside to this weapon is the name of it. Nerf could have put a little more effort into coming up with a original name.

This weapon is truly a classic and is a great deal at any price.

-Matt Michal

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