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Micro Dart

Nerf® FastBlast

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Weapon Summary


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Avg. Price:



Airjet Power Plus™

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Weapon Stats

Ammo Type(s):

5 Screamin' Micro Darts (Packaged with 2 Micro Darts, 3 Screamin' Micro Darts)

Max. Distance:

48 feet

Optimum Pumps:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 0.50 seconds


1' 6.375" X 7.75" X 3.25" ; 14 oz.
Accuracy (Average Percentage After Multiple Trials)
  Target Size:
Distance From Target: 1 X 2 ' 2 X 4 '
10 ft 100% 100%
15 ft 65% 95%
20 ft 35% 85%
25 ft 25% 50%
Total Accuracy: 56% 83%
Weapon Review:
The Nerf® FastBlast is a decent launcher.  It has a average maximum distance and accuracy.  While not being an extremely powerful launcher, it does have one advantage over the most recently released blasters: the FastBlast does not need to be pumped in order to fire.  Therefore, the FastBlast is a quite useful back-up blaster, if nothing else.

The only other complaint I have about this launcher is that the handle which fires the FastBlast seems very weak.  It doesn't really make the blaster very stable.

Overall, you should really only buy the FastBlast if you are looking for a decent backup blaster.  Otherwise, launchers like the Nerf® WildFire and the Nerf® Mad Hornet offer better ways to dish out micro darts.

-Andy Grau

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