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Nerf® Manta Ray

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Weapon Summary


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Manta Ray







Avg. Price:



Max Force

Additional Pics: -None-

Weapon Stats

Ammo Type(s):

4 Mega Darts

Max. Distance:

38 feet

Optimum Pumps:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 2.05 seconds


1' 2" X 4.5" X 1' 2.25" ; 1 lb., 3 oz.
Accuracy (Average Percentage After Multiple Trials)
  Target Size:
Distance From Target: 1 X 2 ' 2 X 4 '
10 ft 75% 100%
15 ft 70% 95%
20 ft 45% 65%
25 ft 25% 60%
Total Accuracy: 54% 80%
Weapon Review:
The Nerf® Manta Ray is one of the most creative Nerf® weapons ever made. It is designed to look like a giant Manta Ray. Because of its being a huge flat gun, it is capable of being used as shield. Also, it is the first Nerf® weapon to ever fire two or more darts at the same time. The barrels of the weapon are designed to slant inward. This causes the darts to converge at a point around fifteen to twenty feet in front of the weapon.

The gun only suffers from some minor design flaws. The box of the Manta Ray shows some kids catching darts on the front of the weapon. However, it is actually quite difficult to actually get a dart to stick to the shield. Also, the handle which you put your forearm into is a little small for some older Nerf® warriors.

Because of its ability to shoot two or four darts at the same time and be used as a shield, the Manta Ray is a great weapon to own.

-Matt Michal

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