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Nerf® Razor Fin

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Weapon Summary


Golden NGolden NGolden NGolden N








Avg. Price:



Max Force2112

Additional Pics: -None-

Weapon Stats

Ammo Type(s):

4 Mega Darts

Max. Distance:

34 feet

Optimum Pumps:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 1.64 seconds


10" X 1' 3" X 2.25" ; 8 oz.
Accuracy (Average Percentage After Multiple Trials)
  Target Size:
Distance From Target: 1 X 2 ' 2 X 4 '
10 ft 100% 100%
15 ft 100% 100%
20 ft 90% 100%
25 ft 60% 95%
Total Accuracy: 88% 99%
Weapon Review:
The Nerf® Razor Fin is a quite decent dart blaster.  It has a decent maximum distance and accuracy, especially for being in the Max Force 2112 line of weapons.  The weapon has two barrels that alternately fire, so the gun has some semi-automatic features.

However, the firing mechanism of this weapon is also its problem.   The motion of pulling the firing handle back is what causes the barrels to switch.   If the handle is accidentally pulled back, the barrels will switch.  Thus, if only one dart is left in the gun, this will cause it not to fire.

Aside, from that problem, the Razor Fin is a decent semi-automatic handgun.

-Matt Michal

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