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Nerf® Sneak Shot®

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Weapon Summary


Golden N

Sneak Shot







Avg. Price:




Additional Pics: -None-

Weapon Stats

Ammo Type(s):

3 Mega Darts

Max. Distance:

32 feet

Optimum Pumps:


Rate of Fire:

1 shot per 1.90 seconds


1' 6" X 10" X 8" ; 1 lb., 4 oz.
Accuracy (Average Percentage After Multiple Trials)
  Target Size:
Distance From Target: 1 X 2 ' 2 X 4 '
10 ft 100% 100%
15 ft 95% 100%
20 ft 90% 100%
25 ft 75% 100%
Total Accuracy: 90% 100%
Weapon Review:
The Nerf® Sneak Shot® is a great example of Hasbro® using the ingenuity to design a great weapon and then screw it up. The idea behind the Sneak Shot® is that the weapon that has a barrel that can rotate around corners. With the help a mirror, the user of the gun can aim the weapon successfully. However, this feature is horribly inaccurate.

The main problem with the Sneak Shot® is that none of its features work. First, it is extremely difficult to aim around corners. Second, the mirror on the top of the weapon always falls off. Third, the range of the weapon is greatly reduced when the barrel is bent. Forth, the barrel won’t lock in place properly, so it can not be easily used as a normal weapon.  The ammo holder and sight also found on the gun do not stay in place.

Don't even think about buying the Sneak Shot®.

-Matt Michal

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