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Nerf® Motorized Disk Launcher
Motorized Disk Launcher
 Ammo: Nerf Disks  NCR: 1.75 | TR: 10.8

Blaster Summary

Averaged NCR  |

  Golden NHalf Golden NQuarter Golden N (1.75)

TechRating  |


Release Date  |


Availability  |




Series  |



1 X 2 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.




2 X 4 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.







Blaster Statistics

Ammo Type(s)  |

  10 Mini Discs

Max. Distance  |

  20 feet

PTG Distance  |

  20 feet

Ammo Velocity  |

  35.7 ft. / sec.

Optimum Pumps  |


Rate of Fire  |

  1 shot per 0.53 sec.

Dimensions  |

  9.25" x 4" x 6.75"
  9 oz.



Insert ten disks into the translucent disk holder on the top of the Motorized Disk Launcher. Make sure the blaster’s two AA batteries are working properly.
This blaster does not need to be primed.   

Slide the yellow motor activation switch on the back of the blaster to the "on" position. Wait for the motor to rev up and press the orange trigger on the blaster to fire a disk. The trigger must be pressed for each disk. Turn off the motor activation switch once all of the disks have been fired.

Written Reviews


Andy Grau
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NerfCenter Rating

The Nerf Motorized Disk Launcher is Hasbro¹s latest attempt at making a disk-firing product.  While their first attempt wasn¹t very successful (i.e. the SuperMAXX Disc Shooter), this launcher includes some useful enhancements, but is still limited by its ammo type.

The motor of this blaster is its main advancement over the previous disk shooter model.  The motor allows the Disk Launcher to shoot all ten of its disks in rapid succession.  However, unlike Milton Bradley¹s Spitfire, the Motorized Disk Launcher doesn¹t allow you to hold down the trigger to fire this disks automatically - the trigger must be pulled for each disk.

The ten disks which this model fires are thinner and more flimsy than the SuperMAXX Disc Shooter's six disks, and comparable in size to the Spitfire's discs.  While these thin discs allow for more ammo capacity, they are also much less accurate than the SuperMAXX Disc Shooter¹s disks.  And of course, since not many people use disk-firing blasters, you'll have a hard time finding ammo during a Nerf war if you use this blaster.

It¹s a bit of an improvement over the previous disk shooters, but the Motorized Disk Launcher still doesn't hit the mark.

Matt Michal
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NerfCenter Rating

Everything that could go wrong in the design of a Nerf blaster is summed up in the Motorized Disk Launcher.  First there are the obvious flaws.  The blaster has an incredibly small range.  The poor range is only supported by poor accuracy.  The disks have tendency to fly randomly, especially with a little wind. Unfortunately, this is not the first time Hasbro has produced a blaster with less than ideal statistics.

In addition, the Motorized Disk Launcher has some of peculiarities. The blaster emits a loud buzzing noise.  This buzzing makes it easy for you opponent to hear were you are located.  The disks are difficult to load and they jam quite frequently.  These disks make the blaster impractical.  The disks that it uses are not compatible with other Nerf products.  You cannot purchase refill packs for this type of ammo.  Therefore, once you lose the ammo, the toy is useless.

I would venture to say that this is the "perfect" bad blaster.


Andi Hlabse
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NerfCenter Rating

The Motorized Disk Launcher is outright terrible. The only plus side of this blaster is that it’s motorized and requires only a trigger pull to fire.

The down sides are nearly endless. The accuracy is TERRIBLE, even from ten feet or less away. You never know which way the disk ammo is going to go. It doesn’t miss consistently either (if that makes any sense). First it’ll miss way up and left, then down, and then way down and right. Velocity and maximum distance are putrid; and, to sum it up, the Motorized Disk Launcher is one of the most underpowered Nerf blasters around.

The Motorized Disk Launcher is simply too weak and sporadic to be of any use whatsoever in a Nerf war.


In Brief

Inaccurate and weak range    
>  Ultra under-powered
Even though this blaster is motorized, it's way too underpowered and inaccurate to have even remote value.   
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