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Nerf® SuperMAXX™ 3000 - Green Edition
SuperMAXX 3000 - Green Edition
 Ammo: Micro Darts  NCR: 2.75 | TR: 22.7

Blaster Summary

Averaged NCR  |

  Golden NGolden NHalf Golden NQuarter Golden N (2.75)

TechRating  |


Release Date  |


Availability  |




Series  |

  Nerf SuperMAXX™


1 X 2 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.




2 X 4 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.







Blaster Statistics

Ammo Type(s)  |

  8 Micro Darts

Max. Distance  |

  37 feet

PTG Distance  |

  19 feet

Ammo Velocity  |

  41.4 ft. / sec.

Optimum Pumps  |

  6 pumps

Rate of Fire  |

  1 shot per 0.77 sec.

Dimensions  |

  1' 7.5" X 4.25" X 9.5"
  1 lbs. 13 oz.



Load 8 micro darts into the front barrels of the SuperMAXX 3000 Green Edition.
Pump the cocking handle 6-8 times.  We recommend pumping it only 6 times to achieve the blaster's maximum distance.

Do not pump the blaster more than 8 times.  You can damage the air tank.

Pull the blaster’s orange trigger to fire. You must prime the blaster again after each shot, but the SuperMAXX 3000 automatically advances the barrel.

Written Reviews


Andy Grau
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NerfCenter Rating

To the fans of the original Yellow Edition of the SuperMAXX 3000: buyer beware.

What looks like a copy of the original model (albeit a color-swapped air tank) is actually an inferior product. If you look at the packaging of the SuperMAXX 3000 Green Edition a bit more closely, you’ll notice that the ever-popular SuperMAXX darts have been subbed out for the comparatively weak micro darts. Not only does this ammo change affect the performance of the blaster, it also looks as though Hasbro applied more air restriction to this model, making a very weak launcher overall.

The SuperMAXX 3000 Green Edition is a disappointment after the powerful Yellow Edition, and the launcher is definitely a poor representation of the otherwise great SuperMAXX product line.


Matt Michal
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NerfCenter Rating

When I saw the modifications the boys at Hasbro made to the SuperMAXX 3000, I said, "WHY?"

Somebody got the idea to replace SuperMAXX darts with green and pink micro darts.  The only plausible explanation is that Hasbro felt the original blaster to be a danger to little children; they therefore substituted "weaker" ammo and tried to pass it off as the original.  I must hand it to the boys at Hasbro, they certainly succeeded in making a weaker blaster.  If I were an overprotective parent I would most certainly buy the SuperMAXX 3000 with the micro darts.

However, seeing as I'm not an overprotective parent, I say buy the SuperMAXX 3000 Yellow Edition and don't waste valuable cash on the micro dart (Green Edition) one.   


Andi Hlabse
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NerfCenter Rating

I’ll start off by saying this is the weakest blaster of the SuperMAXX series. Although not terrible, this blaster lacks in power and accuracy. The rotating barrel will skip and get stuck at points, leaving you and your launcher shooting blanks.

This blaster does however have some strong points. The trigger isn’t awkward at all, and the pressurizing mechanism fits the hand well and is easy to pump. Like all the SuperMAXX 3000 launchers, the handle at the top makes it easier to carry (especially if you like to tote multiple items). Just watch out for the typical front-heaviness of the SuperMAXX 3000 blasters.

Put simply, micro darts simply cannot stack up against the SuperMAXX darts. With limited speed, distance, and accuracy, this blaster doesn’t quite live up to the capabilities of its yellow-tanked SuperMAXX 3k cousin.


In Brief

At least it's part of the SuperMAXX series  
Uses micro darts  
>  Weak air pressure
A significant downsizing from the previous SuperMAXX 3000 launchers.
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