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Nerf® SuperMAXX™ 350
SuperMAXX 350
 Ammo: Micro Darts  NCR: 2.5 | TR: 21.8

Blaster Summary

Averaged NCR  |

  Golden NGolden NHalf Golden N (2.5)

TechRating  |


Release Date  |


Availability  |




Series  |

  Nerf SuperMAXX™


1 X 2 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.




2 X 4 ft. Target

@ 10 ft.


@ 15 ft.


@ 20 ft.


@ 25 ft.







Blaster Statistics

Ammo Type(s)  |

  4 Micro Darts

Max. Distance  |

  23 feet

PTG Distance  |

  16 feet

Ammo Velocity  |

  33.92 ft. / sec.

Optimum Pumps  |


Rate of Fire  |

  1 shot per 0.74 sec.

Dimensions  |

  1' 7.5" X 4.25" X 10"
  2 lbs.



Place one micro dart onto each of the SuperMAXX 350's four orange launching posts.
Pull the green priming handle back until it clicks. It will automatically slide back into its original position.

Pull the blaster’s orange trigger to fire. You must prime the blaster before each shot, but the SuperMAXX 350 will automatically rotate its launching posts.

Written Reviews


Andy Grau
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NerfCenter Rating

The Nerf SuperMAXX 350 is an updated version of the Nerf SuperMAXX 250 - updated, in the sense of its appearance.   While this blaster looks a bit more nifty than its SuperMAXX 250 cousin, both blasters are technically identical.  Thus, the 350 shares all of the shortcomings of the 250 as well.

With no major advances or improvements, the SuperMAXX 350 proves that more of the same is rarely a good thing, especially when talking about a mediocre product.

Matt Michal
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NerfCenter Rating

I held the SuperMAXX 350 and the SuperMAXX 250 in front of me, and I laughed.  I laughed because Hasbro has passed of an old blaster as a new one simply by changing the name.  I laugh too at the saps who will buy this launcher thinking it is different from the SM 250.  The blaster is still "scrawny," with a maximum range of 23 feet.  The accuracy is satisfactory; but without range, accuracy means nothing!

If you are looking for a good laugh, buy this blaster and marvel at its weakness, otherwise save your money.


Andi Hlabse
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NerfCenter Rating

While this blaster is an improvement over its little brother the SuperMAXX 250, it isn’t anything to write home about. 

In addition to being light-weight, the cocking mechanism is handily located on the top of the launcher and is easy to use. Also to its credit, this version inherits the automatically rotating barrel. The SuperMAXX 350 fires with a greater velocity than does the 250, but its accuracy seems to stray occasionally.

The downsides to this blaster are the run-of-the-mill inefficiencies of the underpowered micro dart blaster. The velocity and maximum distance are slightly lacking. The reloading of this launcher becomes slightly more difficult than the previous version due to the lip over the top of the barrel. Sporadically the barrel refuses to advance, leaving you blasting nothing but air.

Overall, this design and improvements on this blaster are moderate. The SuperMAXX 350 is an improvement over its predecessors, but better micro dart blasters are available.


In Brief

>  Automatically rotating barrel
Solid accuracy
>  Barrel sometimes won't advance
>  Tougher reload
>  Fires micro darts
Small distance range
It's somewhat improves on past versions, but still better micro dart blasters are out there.
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