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Gatlin' Storm Plans Dropped

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Posted On 01/01/2000

NerfCenter Exclusive
Recently, NerfCenter has received official confirmation from Hasbro that the plans for the Nerf Gatlin' Storm™ have been dropped.

After the previous company reorganization (which occurred soon before the first Airjet Power™ launchers were released), the Gatlin' Storm plans were tabled.  With the creation of Airjet Power technology, the Nerf® team had found a better way to fire off ammunition.  Because the Gatlin' Storm used the previous, manual firing technology, it was nixed while in development.

"There are no plans to pursue this launcher in the future," the Kenner Nerf team leader indicated.

With the Nerf line now being transferred to the OddzOn division, that statement looks ever more true.  A new OddzOn Nerf team is in place, and they plan to pursue unique new designs for upcoming Nerf launchers.


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Gatlin' Storm

Say goodbye to the Nerf Gatlin' Storm™.


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