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Upcoming Blasters From Larami®  (06/09/2001)
Larami Limited, the subsidiary of Hasbro® in charge 
of the Nerf® product line, has unveiled its plans for 
the fall Nerf season of 2001 . . . .

Larami® Takes the Helm  (01/19/2001)
There've been some big changes at Hasbro®.  The 
company, which is one of America's . . .

Larami® Gets Off to a Quick Start  (01/19/2001)
Larami Limited, a subsidiary of Hasbro which has 
recently been placed in charge . . .

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Hasbro Reorganizes  (01/01/2000)


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Snipers, Rejoice!  (09/11/99)

Ball Weapon Revival  (07/31/99)

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Spreading Like WildFire  (07/06/99)

Can't Get Enough Airjet Power?  (07/06/99)

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