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Larami® Gets Off to a Quick Start

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Posted On 01/19/2001

Mt. Laurel, NJ -- Larami Limited, a subsidiary of Hasbro which has recently been placed in charge of the Nerf® product line, has already introduced several new Nerf items for the 2001 season.

The Nerf Blast Fire™, and the Nerf Arrow Strike™ both represent creative new designs for the Nerf family of products.  The Blast Fire includes the ability to fire five micro darts after one priming, and the ability to fire all of its remaining darts via the "Blast Button" located on the top of the launcher.  Although this blaster was originally designed by OddzOn® (which is why the OddzOn logo appears on the back of this blaster's box), Larami took up the production schedule once OddzOn closed, and ultimately produced this blaster.

The Nerf Arrow Strike uses a modified version of the Nerf missile, which looks like a smaller version of the basic arrows.  These "micro" arrows are slightly less accurate than the missiles, but have an increased maximum distance.  The Arrow Strike also features an automatic rotating barrel, which allows the user to quickly fire off all three of the "micro" arrows.

Featured on the back of the Blast Fire box is the yet-to-be-released Nerf Sling Fire™, which means that Larami still has more designs on the way.  With the leadership of Larami, 2001 looks to be a very promising year for Nerf.

Larami Limited is a subsidiary of Hasbro, Inc.  Larami is best known for producing its best-selling Super Soaker line of products.


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The Newest Blasters from Larami

The Nerf Blast Fire (left) and the Nerf Arrow Strike (right) are the newest offerings from Larami. 

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