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Posted On 03/11/2000

NerfCenter Exclusive - (c) TeamNC
Recently, NerfCenter has learned of one of the upcoming fall Nerf blasters - the Nerf Motorized Ballzooka.

Building off of the popular design of the original Nerf Ballzooka, the Motorized Ballzooka rapidly shoots 15 ballistic balls.  (The new blaster will come with 12 of the 15 balls.)  In addition, this version of the Ballzooka is now battery-powered, meaning that the balls are now able to be fired by pulling a trigger, for fully automatic action.

It should be noted that this is the first Nerf-brand blaster to fire using battery power.  (The Spitfire, another noted battery-powered shooter, was produced by Parker Bros.)

The MBZ is scheduled for release in the Fall Nerfing season, which means that this blaster should be arriving in store shelves sometime around June or July of this year.

The blaster's current MSRP is around $39.99, but this may change before the launcher is released.

NerfCenter will keep you updated on any new information about this blaster as it arrives.


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"It's raining balls!"

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