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Posted On 06/06/99

At the start of the first quarter of 1999, Hasbro® released its winter line of Nerf® weapons- the Airjet Power series.  This new line, which includes the Nerf® Lightnin' Blitz, Secret Shot II, and Triple Strike, hints at the changes that Hasbro® might be making to Nerf® weapons throughout the coming year.

The new Airjet Power weapons all operate using a pure air pressure system, just like the Nerf® SuperMAXX weapons and the Larmai® Super Soaker weapons do.   This leads to incredibly high maximum distances being able to be achieved through the weapons, but results in one thing Nerfers hate- pumping the gun to prime it.

The Lightnin' Blitz, Secret Shot II, and Triple Strike have maximum distances of 59 feet, 63 feet, and 59 feet, respectively.  However the weapons have optimum pump levels of (also in order) 10 pumps, 8 pumps, and a massive 30 pumps.  While the maximum distances are superb, most people will not have time to prime the weapons -- especially in the middle of a Nerf® war.

So what does this mean?  Hasbro® has discovered the way to achieve huge maximum distances with common weapons.  If sales are high for this new series, expect more "pumping" air pressure weapons in the future.

In respect to the Triple Strike, Hasbro® has developed the way to propel arrows never-before-seen distances.  Keeping in mind the popularity of arrow weapons among Nerfers, this will be a huge success.  Looking at the optimum number of pumps, however, one can see that stored air pressure is not the most efficient way to fire an arrow.

Whether you like it or not, more air pressure weapons are bound to appear in the future of Nerf®.  Whether or not all future weapons will adapt to this technology is yet to be seen.  Practice your pumping skills.

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AirJet Power(TM)
The Airjet Power™ series.
Pumping is back in style again, folks.


". . . most people will not have time to prime the weapons -- especially in the middle of a Nerf® war."

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