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Posted On 07/06/99

On June 26th through June 28th, Hasbro® released the latest weapon in its Nerf® Airjet Power series of guns across the United States.

This new weapon, named the Nerf® WildFire, is very unique in that it is the first fully-automatic Nerf® weapon.  This means that the user can simply hold the gun's trigger down to fire all of the ammo in the gun (once it has been fully primed.)

Rumors arose when the weapon was released that it was available in only specific "test areas."  This information, however, is false.  The weapon has been confirmed for availability in several states, including California, Ohio, New York, and Pennsylvania.  The weapon does contain one of the rare Hasbro®/Kenner® survey cards, which may have been the cause of the "test area" rumor.

Nerf®Center testing on the weapon has been completed and the weapon's review is finished and available online.  Click here to see the complete Nerf®Center review on the gun.

The WildFire is available at Toys 'R' Us's (along with select other toy stores) for the average retail price of $29.99 plus sales tax.


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Run away!  Run away!

The Nerf® WildFire is here to kick some butt.  Make sure its not yours that gets kicked.







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