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Can't Get Enough Airjet Power?

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Posted On 07/06/99

After releasing four of its ever-popular Nerf® Airjet Power guns, Hasbro® may be hinting that more is yet to come.

Toy retailers have added to their collections of ammo reload packs, which now include the improved Airjet Power ammo.  The Airjet Power ammo includes mega darts and micro darts with shorter suction cups to improve the ammo's maximum distance.  The new ammo also includes new basic arrows which are shorter and have tilted fins to also improve their maximum distance.

Recently, toy retailers have begun to sell new Airjet Power ballistic balls.  The balls are not apparently improved in any way, but only now sport the Airjet Power logo.  Could this indicate that a ball-firing Airjet Power weapon is on its way?

We'll keep you informed of any new information.


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The Nerf® Airjet Power series lets you pump like a champion.







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