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Vortex® Products Discontinued

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Posted On 09/02/2000

NerfCenter has recently learned that OddzOn®, the maker of both the Nerf® and Koosh® Vortex® product lines, has decided to discontinue most of its Koosh Vortex products.

The discontinued blasters include the following:  Koosh Vortex Tornado™, Tornado X/2™, FireStorm™, and Power Strike™.

It is currently unclear if the micro-SpinFire shooting blasters (Koosh Vortex Spin Sight™, Fast Fire™, and Viper Shot™) have also been discontinued.

Vortex-fans should not be too alarmed, however.  A representative from OddzOn hinted that the Vortex series may be incorporated into another existing product line which OddzOn currently owns and produces.  It is unclear, however, if the discontinued blasters will be making a reappearance on store shelves as members of this other product line.

NerfCenter will keep you updated as more information surfaces.


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Koosh Vortex Tornado

The Koosh Vortex Tornado is one of the many Vortex blasters which have recently been discontinued. 

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