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Posted On 09/11/99

In the past few weeks, AddOnz® (makers of Koosh®, and a division of our good friends at Hasbro®) has been releasing the much-anticipated Koosh® Vortex® FireStorm in selected stores across the United States.  The initial shipments of the gun seem to have been sent to Target stores around the country.

As of this writing, most national Toys 'R' Us stores should be expecting shipments of the gun to arrive soon.  The average retail price of the gun varies; Target retailed the gun for $26.99 (plus tax), but it is unknown how Toys 'R' Us will price the weapon.

The FireStorm continues the Vortex line of Koosh guns, utilizing unique Spinfire rings to achieve high range and accuracy.

Nerf®Center has the complete review of the gun; it can be found here


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