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Screamin' Mega Darts?

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Posted On 09/27/99


An entry for "Screamin' Mega Darts" began to appear in the site search results for "Nerf" a few days ago.  What does this mean?  A new type of ammo is probably on its way, along with a new gun that shoots this new ammo.

Just as Screamin' Arrows were packaged with the Nerf Triple Strike, these darts will most likely be sold with a specific gun.  However, the fact that Screamin' Mega Darts will be sold in ammo reload pack-form (whereas Screamin' Arrows are not) leads one to believe that Hasbro is expecting them to become quite popular (or easy to lose).

eToys is currently sold out of the new darts and does not yet have a picture for them, either.  They are expected to be in stock with 2 -  4 weeks, like any other out-of-stock item on eToys.  Look for a new ammo type (and a new Nerf gun) to arrive within the next month.


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