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Nerf® Jr. Foam Fighters

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Posted On 10/07/99

Nerf®Center Exclusive

Nerf®Center has learned of another Nerf® computer game, known as Nerf® Jr. Foam Fighters™, that Hasbro Interactive® is designing.  While the game's scheduled release date is a day after Nerf® ArenaBlast™'s, Nerf Jr. Foam Fighters is a starkly different type of game.  Aimed at the younger generation of Nerfers, Nerf Jr. Foam Fighters concentrates on activities like matching, finding patterns, etc., that young kids are still developing.  So where does the Nerf aspect come in?

That's the rather cool part.  Nerf Jr. Foam Fighters features a "Nerf blaster" light gun that plugs into your computer and allows users to shoot at the screen (in a Nintendo® "Zapper®" fashion).  Kids use the blaster to trigger events on-screen, not needing to use the mouse as much.

The storyline of the game is that you are a Nerfer whose job is to blast the invading "Klepton" robot invaders back to their own planet.  Very unique, indeed.

Nerf Jr. Foam Fighters is scheduled for a November 2, 1999 release right now.  The MSRP for the game is $29.99.

NerfCenter will keep you updated on the latest information about this game. 



>> Alien
>> Balloon Stadium
>> Strange looking machine
>> Ricochet Garden
>> Matching Bus
>> Nested Rink
>> Queen Alien
>> Nightclub
>> Newspaper

Nerf® Jr. Foam Fighters™: it's, well, different.

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