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Nerf ArenaBlast: The Patch

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Posted On 11/19/99


Today (11/19/99), Hasbro Interactive released the first patch for Nerf ArenaBlast™, the Nerf first-person-shooter computer game.  The patch features various fixes, all detailed in the description below.  If you would like to cut to the chase, check out the patch's download locations here.

The ArenaBlast Version 1.1 Patch includes a number of improvements. The most noticeable are:

-Direct3D and Nvidia graphic problems have been fixed
-Disruption of full game servers by demo logon attempts has been eliminated
-Multiplayer character setup is now saved and stable
-Disconnection from play in multiplayer when you hit the menu esc has been eliminated
-Flying players coming out of tunnel in Amateur have been eliminated
-Team Multiplayer has been improved and re-organized to two team default (See below)
-Qualifying point values shown on doors for bonus levels have been fixed
-Various improvements have been made to AI character behavior
-Multiplayers moving before start buzzer in PointBlast has been fixed
-Problems with International Versions of Windows

-There have been some reports of difficulty playing ArenaBlast on non-English versions of Windows. We've made changes in the patch that can help with these problems. However, if you still are unable to install or play ArenaBlast correctly on a non-English version of Windows, try creating a folder (e.g. Nerf ) on your hard drive. Then copy the contents of the ArenaBlast CD into the folder you've created. From within the System folder just copied over, double click on the Nerf.exe application. This should permit you to play the game and avoid installation/path related problems that some have seen.

-New Team Game Improvements

Team games now are set to permit two teams to play against one another. (See the next section on how to change the default two team setting). Team play is started from the Menu Multiplayer Start Server page, as before. In the default settings, the two teams are the Twisters, (in Orange and Blue uniforms) and the Tycoons, (in Red and Black). If you log on to a Team Game server setup in the usual way and have set your character to be one of the Twisters or Tycoons, you will be placed on the team of your choice as the character you've chosen.

However, if you log on to team server with your multiplayer character set to a player from a different team than those playing, you'll be assigned to the team with the least number of players, and your character will be changed to a player from that team.

In this way, team balances will tend to be maintained, and each player will be clearly recognizable as a member of the team he's playing with. If you want to change teams, go into the menu's multiplayer player setup, and select a character from the team you want to change to. Then click on the "Find games" tab and press Play. You'll be reconnected to the game as the new team member you selected and your team will be changed to your selected character's team.

-New Options for Setting Up Team Game Servers for Advanced Users

The usual (default) number of teams in a team game is two. This number can be changed by editing the Nerf.ini file and changing MaxTeams=2 to the desired number of teams under each gametype you want affected by the change. For BallBlast, look for [NerfI.TeamScavengerHuntGame] and change the MaxTeams number a few lines under that heading. For PointBlast, look for [NerfI.TeamGame], and SpeedBlast look for [NerfI.TeamArenaRaceGame].

Below the MaxTeams setting in each area, you'll see lines like these:


This is the order that the teams are assigned as you increase the number of teams that can play in a team game. For example, if you want a four team PointBlast game with the Luna, Orbiteers, Tycoons, and Barracudas, you'd go into your Nerf\System folder, open Nerf.ini in a text editor, look for the [NerfI.TeamGame] heading, then in the few lines after, change the value shown to MaxTeams=4.

Below that, you'd change the TeamColor order to:

The number of players permitted on each team is the total number of players permitted in the game divided by the number of teams. In other words, if in the Start Server Menu you set Max Players to 20, and you have set up a 4 team game, there can be up to 5 players on each team.

Nerf® ArenaBlast™ is a first-person-shooter computer game developed by Hasbro Interactive/Atari.  It features colorful levels, cool items, and ten Nerf Blasters.

Download Locations:

Patch for full version of game:

>> Nerf® ArenaBlast™ Patch: Full Ver. 1.0 to 1.1 (FilePlanet)


Nerf ArenaBlast™: Patch it up.


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