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Posted On 12/26/99

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Recently, Hasbro released two new series of Nerf blasters.  The first, dubbed the "Airjet Power Plus" line, features the tagline "See the power... hear the power."  One side of each gun in the series is clear, so one can see how the blasters work.  Also, these new blasters come with new types of micro and mega darts called "whistling darts."

The first new blaster on display is the Nerf FastBlast™.  This gun shoots five micro darts, firing one each time the yellow handle (on the back of the gun) is pushed inward.  The blaster comes with 3 whistling micro darts and two Airjet Power micro darts.  It's MSRP is $14.99, and the gun can currently be found at Wal-Mart stores.

Shiny... yes...
The clear side of the blaster.

This side looks a bit dull, but oh well.
The solid, colored side of the blaster.

Blurry photo. Sorry.
The front of the gun.  Notice the three whistling micro darts on the top, and the two Airjet Power micro darts on the bottom.
Left: New, Right: Old
Here's a close up of the two types of darts; whistling micro on the left and Airjet Power micro on the right.


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