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NerfCenter Hits 100,000

NerfCenter Editorials

Posted On 09/02/2000

Well, after a year and three months, NerfCenter has finally reached 100,000 hits.

Yipes.  Thanks, folks.  Needless to say, we couldn't have got here without you.

It's been an interesting time working on NerfCenter so far, and I trust this job will be interesting far into the future.  We've got quite a few changes planned for the coming year, including the introduction of our Ammo and Repair sections.  In addition, we've got a yet-unnamed section that includes some cool stuff that we have yet to see on any other Nerf site.

You might have noticed that this update marks the end of our Nerf ArenaBlast section.  No, we're not giving up entirely on the game; however, we no longer thought it necessary to have an entire section devoted to it.  Nerf ArenaBlast will be one of the many things that will appear in some form in that "unnamed section" that I mentioned before.  Stay tuned, as we'll be working on that section through the winter months, and hope to have it up very early next year.  (You might have also noticed that we hadn't updated the NAB section since the end of 1999.  That's another reason we're scraping the section for now.)

The Answer to Everyone's Question

Speaking of updates, we've been receiving basically the same e-mail message from a lot of people.  It goes something like this:

When the %$#% R U going to put up the new reviews?????  SLACKERS!!!!

Ah, yes.  Well, I'll tell everyone the truth right now.  We can't put up the new reviews right now because they're not done.  Yes, we've been working very hard on them, but they're just not finished.

We decided in the past couple months to revamp our review format.  Several people have been complaining about the quality of our written reviews, so we decided to create a new, extremely-detailed review format that fixes this problem, and adds a few nifty new features.

Unfortunately, we tried to institute this new format at a very, very, inopportune time.  Hasbro decided to release all of their new blasters while we we're spending most of our time coding.  Thus, the testing was delayed, the review writing was delayed, etc.  Things were a mess.

Fortunately, we're just about finished ironing all of the bugs out of the new format, and we're almost ready to post the fruits of our labor.  All 10 (gasp!) blasters that have currently pending reviews will have their reviews presented in the new format.

Trust us, the wait will be worth it.

And, of course, thanks again for helping us reach the 100,000 hit mark.  There's a reason that we're one of the most popular Nerf sites of all time, and that's because you folks are so very awesome.

-Andy Grau



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