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Ball Weapon Revival

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Posted On 07/31/99


On July 27th - 28th, Hasbro® released the Nerf® Ball Blaster, a design that was inherited through Hasbro®'s acquisition of Larami, Inc. a few years back.

While the gun really doesn't improve much over the previous ball shooters (and is rather pitiful when compared to the Nerf® Ballzooka®), it does continue the ball line of weapons on into the future.

With the recent releases of ball-firing guns like the Nerf® SuperMAXX 5000 and the Pulsator, Hasbro® has indicated that the ball ammo type is not dead.  Indeed, with the new Airjet Power-branded ball refill packs now on the market, Hasbro® is showing that ball weapons are here to stay.

Look for even more ball weapons to show up in the future.  When Nerf® ArenaBlast is released near the end of this year, Hasbro® may very well re-release the Nerf® Ballzooka® (as it is featured in ArenaBlast.)  Some previews of the game even indicate that a few new guns found only in the game will fire balls as well.  If these guns are ever released as actual toys, we could be seeing more ball-firing weapons well into the new millennium.


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It's not much to look at, but the Ball Blaster continues on the line of ball weapons.



". . . we could be seeing more ball-firing weapons well into the new millennium."

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