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Posted On 12/26/99

NerfCenter Exclusive

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Continued . . .

The last new blaster, the Nerf Switch Shots Ultra™, doesn't really fit the "see the power... hear the power" description.  That's because it comes from another new line of blasters, the Switch Shots series.  The gun fires much like the Nerf FastBlast™, except in the fact that the Ultra can fire darts _or_ water.  By simply rotating the front barrel, the user can switch between the two sources of ammo.  This blaster comes with four mega darts, has a MSRP of $14.99, and can be found at Wal-Mart stores.  Other new blasters in this series will be appearing in the NerfCenter Previews section shortly.

The gun requires 4-6 pumps to fire the darts, and 10 pumps to fire the water.

Wet and wild fun.
A side view of the blaster.

Watch out, this is the first Nerf gun that can get Super Soaker Fungus!
A picture of the gun with its water tank unscrewed.

The blaster, ready to shoot water from that silver piece.
The blaster, ready to fire its darts.

Hoped you enjoyed this quick preview.  These guns will be reviewed by NerfCenter over the next week, and the reviews will be posted soon after.


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