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Upcoming Blasters From Larami®

Larami reveals some of the nifty new 
blasters for the fall 2001 Nerfing season. 


The Rapid Fire 20: Now with complementary black border.


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Upcoming Blasters From Larami
Larami has revealed details about its new fall 2001 Nerf product line.  Click above for more information about the new blasters.

Larami Takes the Helm
With the recent closing of OddzOn, Larami Limited is now in control of the entire Nerf product line.  Click above for more information about your favorite Super Soaker-producing company.

Introducing the 2001 Lineup

Our previews section has returned in full force, sporting a brand new layout and appearance.  In addition, we've got previews for all the interesting new Nerf blasters Larami has in store for Summer and Fall, 2001.  Click above to take a look.

Did Someone Ask for Reviews?
Our review database increases in leaps and bounds as we add reviews of 14 new blasters, including the newest offerings from Larami, the Nerf Arrow Strike and the Nerf Blast Fire.  In addition, all 14 new reviews are offered in all of the goodness of the new multi-review format, which includes new stats and a nifty new design.  As an added bonus, we even review the long-lost 1994 edition of the Nerf Switchfire.  Don't say that we don't love you guys.

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